Octillion Power Systems(“Octillion”), based in Hayward, California, is a Tier One supplier of advanced energy storage systems. Established in 2009, the company’s founders set out to address unmet needs in the power systems market. Leveraging extensive systems engineering experience, the Octillion team offers comprehensive solutions for numerous applications that require energy storage and motive power. With millions of miles behind its products, Octillion is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of electric drive energy storage systems.


Octillion offers custom and standardized energy storage products utilizing commercial grade Li ion cells. Our flexible pack designs are based on scalable module solutions packaged into a compact, sealed enclosures, along with complete BMS, Control Module/Contactor assemblies.


Current product configurations range from 1kWh to 125kWh in size and voltages from 12V to 600V systems. With packaging energy densities for tractions batteries as high as 120 Wh/kg, each configuration will ultimately vary depending on chemistry, packaging, use model and application. Octillion final packaging designs can be rated as IP67 if required, depending on the customer defined packaging requirements.


Octillion serves a range of segments in the energy storage market with an emphasis on industrial applications that typically require 1-1000 KWH of energy storage. By focusing on these segments, Octillion has been able to “right-size” its engineering and manufacturing operations to delivery cost effective, highly reliable solutions that our customer’s demand.


Core markets include:

  • Lithium ion Energy Storage for Grid applications

  • All electric and hybrid electric vehicles


Depending on synergistic aspects of a project or application, Octillion also serves markets outside of these core segments if we can offer a competitive solution that harmonizes to our existing product suite and manufacturing infrastructure.


Our work environment is fun and relaxing. Come check us out at!



As an EV Battery Mech Engineer, your role and responsibilities will be to innovate and drive engineering design solutions from concept to production. Primary duties are stress/vibe and thermal analysis. However, your work will include all aspects of the battery mechanical design including design and development of structural concepts for key battery elements including FEA/CAE/vibe for battery enclosure, thermal analysis (cell /module cooling systems), cell interconnect design, module design, cabling, bus bars, prototype development, CAD, and safety. Your role will also require an understanding of materials and manufacturing processes such as sheetmetal, plastics, cold plates etc.


This is a hands-on environment. We are a very small team at this location, and so we get to wear multiple hats and reach into a large variety of disciplines. In addition to your core duties, you will be asked to stretch your comfort zone. For example, you may be asked to perform one or all of these tasks: component sourcing and vendor management, creating a test rig, hands-on fabrication and assembly work, cutting edge Li Ion EV vehicle design, meeting with customer, project management.


Specific tasks will include:

  • Structural Stress analysis, deflection, stability, and vibration response using COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS and/or ABAQUS (with possibility to add other CAE programs)

  • System thermal modeling using COMSOL MULTIPHYSICS and/or ABAQUS (with possibility to add other CAE programs)

  • Create Battery module, structural support components, and enclosure CAD designs using SOLIDWORKS

  • High voltage system wiring (busbar) and cabling design

  • Work towards realistic project milestones and deliverables using appropriate tools

  • Develop test plans and procedures for evaluating the design

  • Communicate with vendors, develop production drawings, develop comprehensive BOM and assist with procurement process

  • Track and report project status

  • Proactively manage changes in project scope


  • BS, MS or PhD in Mechanical Engineering, or related field

  • Min 5 years relevant industry experience in stress analysis/FEA/CAE, and thermal management/heat transfer

  • Hands-on experience with assembly of high voltage systems and related safety

  • Hands on experience in EV battery development

  • High voltage experience

  •  Can conform to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities

  • Flexible during times of change

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills


  • SOLIDWORKS ROUTING, harness design, sheetmetal, weld, large assembly, SimXpress

  • Experience and knowledge of critical battery pack design components including contactors, wire harnesses, module interconnects, etc

  • Familiarity with Rapid prototyping, aluminum extrusions, sheetmetal, cold plates, liquid cooling systems

  • Familiarity with Battery Management System design (PCB) and architecture as a function of how the system mechanically and electrically interfaces to the battery

  • Experience in automotive related field

  • Well versed in quality management and automotive documentation such as PPAP, FMEA, etc.


NOTE: Travel to India and/or China may be required 1-4 weeks/yr.

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