Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems

Octillion’s vision is to become a leading supplier of Lithium-Ion storage systems and products for the

Distributed ESS and Micro Grid markets. Our applications focused solutions have delivered economic value to our channel partners and their customers through innovative and cost effective products and services leveraging our high volume manufacturing expertise. With the introduction of the Power Passport product family Octillion have created a powerful set of building blocks for application alignment. These product modules and building blocks ensure rapid prototyping and delivery based on existing designs and manufacturing processes.


Power Passport – Industrial (PPI) is a platform system that starts at 75 kWh and scales up to the customer's needs. Battery packs can be aggregated through AC coupled solutions to deliver MWh solutions. A key design criteria is to ensure that storage can be distributed around the office building, factory or campus rather than a traditional container approach. Although the systems can be containerized, Octillion believes there are many advantages to a distributed approach especially in space constrained environments.


Micro-grid / Off-grid

Octillion’s products are being delivered to some of the world’s largest off grid and micro grid environments. With deployments in Asia and Africa, the robust design and quality of product delivered ensures continuous operation in the harsh and remote environments typical of these applications. Through centralized monitoring and integration with larger SCADA systems, Utilities and IPP’s are able to confidently deploy remotely.

Telecom Tower

In many developing nations mobile telecommunications have become a linchpin in their economic growth and development. Ensuring reliable service and maximum up-time is crucial to ensuring economic and social stability in these regions. Octillion’s systems have been integral in some of the most innovative solutions in this application area. Whether used as a standalone storage offering or in conjunction with other battery technologies, Octillion's ESS have integrated with and delivered a robust solution for this key application areas. The company’s ability to integrate storage systems into a complex systems solution is a key benefit of the Octillion approach.

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