Electric Vehicles (EV's)

Electric Vehicles

Octillion’s solutions for global transport electrification encompass multiple transport categories, from passenger and performance cars, to public transportation and both light and heavy industrial vehicles. Our designs are proven over a million miles of testing and a solution can be designed and delivered at volume while ensuring the highest quality standards are met and exceeded.



Passenger Cars

Octillion are currently supplying batteries to the manufacturers of over 10% of all Chinese EVs made today. Packs are custom designed to integrate very tightly with the host vehicle. Octillion have designed swappable battery packs in a number of configurations, and have integrated hardware to support fast charging. Our scalable, adaptable manufacturing process ensures that any design requirements can be accommodated and delivered into a volume manufacturing environment.

Industrial Vehicles

Working with customers in utility and service  companies, Octillion has designed and built packs for both full EV and plug in hybrid vehicle configurations. From forklifts and large trucks, to tow vehicles, waste disposal vehicles and airport service carts, our design teams have worked to accommodate integrated cranes and hoists and other onboard services. Our in house design team can deliver bespoke engineered solutions for any requirement.

Mini EVs

The electrification of the 2 and 3 wheel transportation sector is a key priority for many developing nation’s cities as automotive exhaust causes smog and pollution, with ongoing effects for the local populace. Analysis shows that an additional 200,000,000 of these vehicles will be sold by 2035, making the development of a viable electric drive platform a key priority.


Electrification of public transportation systems is a key platform for many cities to begin the transition to clean transportation. Octillion have designed batteries for both new bus builds and for the retrofit of existing diesel bus fleets to both hybrid and full electric drive. Octillion’s expertise in design for vibration and thermal management ensures class leading durability and longevity.

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