As a full service company, Octillion can provide engineering services for all aspects of any project. For a customer who has a general outline of performance and specs, Octillion can perform all necessary mechanical, electrical and software design to ensure that the battery will integrate seamlessly with the end product. For a customer who has their own resources for some, or even most of those elements, Octillion can provide a competent interface for their engineering team to work with for each of the core elements of the Octillion scope.



Core Technology

Octillion utilize a number of proprietary core design elements in our pack designs. These include fusible links laser cut from aluminium sheets fractions of a millimeter thick, which gives vibration resistance and electrical protection, the integrated ‘clamshell’ design which ensures the mechanical strength of our packs is second to none, and our ‘honeycomb’ battery packing format which delivers volumetrically optimized layout of 18650 cells for optimal forced air cooling, and which characterizes the majority of Octillion’s production battery packs today.


Octillion’s highly refined and optimized Battery Management System architecture gives our application engineers the ability to apply known and proven technology to even the most bespoke battery pack designs. We have BMS systems that can be applied in a variety of different ways from small packs requiring a single integrated BMS board, to large battery storage systems where a master-slave approach is required. Typically each customer’s needs are unique to them so Octillion’s BMS team have developed a building block set of basic design elements, created with the flexibility rapidly integrate together to match any requirements.

Design Test and Certify

Octillion have built the capability to provide a totally in-house engineered product. From initial mechanical and electrical concepts, to detailed 3d and fabrication design. Octillion are also highly adept at navigating the complexities of testing and certification of battery modules and packs to a number of international standards including UN98.3 and UL1973. Our test facilities have the necessary equipment and expertise to conduct every test required for certification to even the most rigorous standards. We have successfully performed numerous certifications for both stationary and automotive storage systems.

Volume Manufacturing

Octillion’s volume production relies on a number of core manufacturing technologies which have been fully developed in house, and give us the ability to produce large volumes of battery packs with consistently high quality results. Our innovations include robotic systems for epoxy application, cell placement, micro spot welding and a suite of fully autonomous testing and validation processes. These leading edge developments have allowed Octillion to decrease manual handling in the manufacturing process to the point that failures caused by human error have been almost entirely eliminated from production. They have also allowed Octillion’s manufacturing process to scale at a rapid rate, achieving a 1GWh/year production capacity in August 2015. The flexible design of the system ensures that battery packs of any shape and size can be constructed with repeatable quality driven results.

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