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About Us...

Our flexible battery pack designs are based on scalable module solutions packaged into compact, sealed enclosures, along with complete Battery Management System, Control Module/Contactor assemblies. With full in-house rapid prototyping capability, Octillion can produce functional battery pack prototypes in 45 days.


Our giga factory is running stronger than ever:


  • Currently we have over 1 gigawatt-hour of production capacity online and in operation, and output of more than 50 megawatt-hours of battery packs per month.

  • Twenty percent of the electric vehicles in China today are using our batteries.

  • We have the largest fleet of batteries deployed in the United States for peak-usage demand charge reduction.

  • We now deploy energy storage system packs globally for microgrids, which can operate independently of the traditional electricity grid.

  • We also have ESS systems supporting stand-alone communications towers in the Telecom environment

  • With the increasing use of distributed renewables in the power grid, along with off-grid applications in remote, isolated areas, we also are undergoing trials with inverter manufacturers for residential, commercial and off-grid energy storage applications.

  • Our product offerings carry three UL1973 certifications and our manufacturing facilities meet stringent UL auditing requirements.

  • Production process in accordance with IATF 16949 quality management standards to help ensure consistency of our product quality.